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Wu Boxiong, Honorary Chairman of the Kuomintang, visited the Beihai Wetland Scenic Area in Tengchong

On the afternoon of June 11, 2014, Wu Boxiong, honorary chairman of the Kuomintang, and his delegation participated in the 2014 Chinese Expeditionary Army Anti-Japanese War Memorial Law Meeting” held at Laifeng Temple in Tengchong, and then visited the Tengchong Beihai Wetland Scenic Area. After the visit, Chairman Wu commented on the wetland landscape that “a unique scenic area with beautiful scenery and mild climate”.

It was reported that Wu Boxiong would also attend and deliver a speech at the “Official Ceremony for the Victims of the Chinese Expeditionary Army in the War of Resistance Against Japan” in Tengchong tomorrow. At the scheduled time, part of the remains of the Chinese Expeditionary Army soldiers killed in anti-Japanese war in Myanmar, and graveyard soil of the cemetery would be placed in 24 ashes cans and buried in the tombs of the Chinese Expeditionary Army soldiers in Tengchong National Martyrdom Cemetery, Yunnan Province, and accordingly those loyal souls could be returned to their homeland.

When Qingming Festival ends, I sincerely invite you to visit iris blossoms of Beihai Wetland. Rain or shine, I keep waiting for you!

Enjoy Floating Charm and Magnificent Tengchong Wetland!