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Leave for a wider world --- A Refreshing Journey in Beihai Wetland

I always rack my brains for where to travel before each holiday. In fact, the place that I prefer to spend should be between the mountains and rivers in the southwestern border of the motherland: grassland, forest sea, clear water, blue sky...

My choice this time was Tengchong, Yunnan Province where the weather and temperature fluctuated less. It felt particularly comfortable at the temperature of 20 degrees. I felt at home when arriving here... but those who wanted to visit remember to bring a thin coat.

Actually, I don’t know how to describe my feelings. After arriving here, I felt so peaceful, what occupied my mind was gentle wind, gentle clouds, clear lake and green grassland...

The sunshine here was so bright. The May time, in my imagination, should be a season of drizzles. A greedy cat sat on the green slate and dripping eaves waited for someone to return. A girl with an oil-paper umbrella loomed on the bridge in the distance. She should wear light makeup, have red lips, wear a blue skirt. She looked into the distance as if at the end of the vision, there would be the man who would cross the ocean and take her away. I was deeplydistressed by this fact that it was always easy for me to get into a situation I had set up and easily disappointed with the reality. But here, as the beauty of Tengchong Beihai Wetland revealed to me, the sadness seemed to float away...

“There was a small wooden boat creaking, and a wooden trestle road swaying...”

The boatman sang a folk song that I could not understand, but from his face I saw a simple sense of happiness...

All the people here were happy. The air here was almost transparent, so refreshing that it seemed to wash away worries gathered in the city.

How I wish I could stay here all the time, just wandering on the wooden trestle road and the small wooden boat...

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Enjoy Floating Charm and Magnificent Tengchong Wetland!