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When “Snow” Meets “Hot Sea” --- Snow Building Townships with Distinct Characteristics in Tengchong, Yunnan

CCTV Baoshan, May 25, news: When “Snow” Meets “Hot Sea”, what kind of experience will it be to soak in hot springs in the southern sunny day while watching the heavy snow flying? On March 15, Tengchong Enlightened International Wenchuang Ice and Snow Town started a cornerstone laying ceremony on construction, and currently more than 30 enterprises have decided to settle in this town.


Tengchong Beihai Wetland

With names of Volcanic Hot Sea, Jade Capital, Famous Overseas Chinese Town, the First City on the Frontier, Tengchong is located in the southwestern border of Yunnan Province, which is an important gateway connecting China with South and Southeast Asia. Covering an area of about 5,000 mu, of which about 1050 Mu is used for construction, Tengchong Enlightenment International Wenchuang Ice and Snow Town has theme projects of Ancient Village Group, Four-season Flower Sea Group, Shallow Mountain Conservation Group and Coastal Scenery Group, specifically including Ma’an Mountain, Shilangba Reservoir, Dongguan Traditional Village.


Gaoligong Mountain

Yang Zhengxiao, Standing Committee of Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Tengchong Municipal Party Committee introduced: “Tengchong Enlightenment International Wenchuang Ice and Snow Town is built to fully tap Tengchong’s development potential on the basis of “small yet unique” and “small yet charming”, and to give full play to characteristics and resource advantages of Tengchong as “a capital of hot spring”, “a store of documents”, “a city of historical and cultural heritages”, “a distribution center of jade”, and “an eco-tourism destination with global optimization.


Cornerstone Laying Ceremony on Construction of Tengchong Enlightenment International Wenchuang Ice and Snow Town

Chen Yu, Senior Vice President of Enlightenment Holdings and Chairman of Yunnan Enlightenment, introduced that adding indoor skating, skiing and other recreational projects to Enlightenment International Wenchuang Ice and Snow Town could enable tourists to start a journey of “Ice and Snow” from north to south while enjoying blue sky and white clouds, and the combination of “Ice and Snow” and “Hot Sea” would arouse people’s infinite imagination.


Tengchong will hold Fengma Music Festival in November

Tengchong Enlightenment International Wenchuang Ice and Snow Town Project includes an ancient Tengchong village “Dong Guan Village” and the “ Living Water Half Pavilion”, one of 12 Tengyu ancient scenic areas. In addition, Tengchong also has special crafts such as oil-paper umbrella, Dai brocade, tin foil. It also spreads a number of folk performing arts with traditional characteristics, such as Dongjing Gule, Wa Qing Opera, Lisu "Shangdaoshan Shangdaohai Fire Sea"... "Fully tapping the local traditional cultural characteristics of Tengchong, introducing Tsinghua, enlightening science and technology, advantageous resources, and developing different creative industries are another characteristics of Tengchong's enlightening International Creative ice and snow town industry. Chen Yu said.



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