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Termite mushroom

The termite mushroom is a symbiotic fungus with termites in nature. Termites build ant nests while cultivating mycelium of termite mushroom, forming a common ecosystem. This kind of fungus is originally found in the forests of southern provinces and citie

Roast Fish in Tengchong Beihai

Authentic roast fish in Tengchong Beihai is made by the fish farmed in Beihai, after cleaning, the fish belly is stuffed with the seasoning composed of laomian coriander, spicy willow, ginger and soy sauce, and then roasted over the fire. The seasoning in


“Dajiujia” is a famous snack in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province. The production method is: choose high-quality rice to make a Er Kuai, then cut it into pieces, and cook it with fresh meat, ham, eggs,