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The grass row experience area is the most representative and the most distinctive tourism experience program of our wetland, including four contents: rowing on grass row, steeping on grass row, stepping fish, roasting fish. Here you can experience the unique fun of grass row in the world.

According to the Law on Wetland Protection and regulations in Measures for the Administration of Wetland Reserves issued by the People's Government of Tengchong County in 2000, all acts of destroying wetland ecological resources are prohibited. No trampling is allowed in the wetland. However, many tourists come to experience grass rows; in order to meet the needs of tourists, enrich contents of scenic spots tourism services, increase the participation and interestingness of tourists, and make tourists really feel the magic of the world's rare lakes floating carpet, We invite relevant experts and scholars to demonstrate the scenic spot grass row according to the principle of “protection first, reasonable development”; and the artificial floating carpet grass row has been developed successfully through entrusting the professional company according to the characteristic of the wetland floating carpet grass row. Now, in front of you is the artificial floating carpet grass row specially for the tourist experience, and the grass on the grass row is real grass cultivated successfully.

Experience of rowing on grass row: In the past, local villagers cut a piece of grass in the wetland to row on the lake like a boat, for transporting people and goods; sometimes, it also is used as fishing boats. The grass row is generally about 1 meter thick and can bear 50 kilograms of weight each square meter, with amazing carrying capacity. Now, the Company has made the bionic grass row, and you can go on a ride to experience its magic. Moreover, you can also check your balance, endurance, waist strength, with full of fun.

Experience of steeping on grass row: You'll feel like you are in a big water bed and experience the feeling of space walk, so that you really feel a wonderful adventure of walking in the sea grass.

Experience of stepping fish: Stepping fish is the traditional fishing way of local residents, with more fun. This is the world's only fishing way-stepping fish out with their feet (also called fish jumping into a pot); If you are lucky, you can catch a lot of fish. The specific game rule is that: 4 to 5 people form a circle to walk on the meadow from the outside to inside, the fish under the meadow are frightened and will jump onto the meadow from holes between meadows, and then the fisherman can catch the fish directly on the meadow. Finally, fish are brought directly to the self-service barbecue area for on-site roasting. Be sure to taste it and let the tip of your tongue enjoy it.