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Dock 4: distinctive animal interactive park. The park is home to elegant black and white swans, mallards that stay half asleep, and peacocks - known as the "king of birds" and the phoenix. The tour of the park will provide you the experience of human and animals living in harmony. Not only can you take photos with them, you can also buy fodder to feed them personally. The swans in the wetland are very intelligent and have special abilities, and they can suck milk bottle like babies. The swans will actively suck milk bottle if you put the fodder into the bottle, which will bring guests with different enjoyment. You may also see the peacock, known as the "king of birds”, spread its tail, the park will bring all guests with joy and happiness!

Introduction of animals

Swan: Swans are winter birds, they have graceful and slender figures, strong bodies and big feet. Due to their dignified posture, especially the posture when they gliding in the water, swans are praised as embodiment of innocence and kindness, swans are the champion of flying high with the flight altitude up to 9 km, and can fly over mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Swans maintain a rare "life partner system" with faithful "love". They are usually in pairs when they are foraging or resting. If one dies, another one is sure to "not remarry" and will live alone in the whole life.

Peacock: Peacocks are honored as the "king of birds", enjoying the reputation of phoenix, mainly distributed in Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, Northeast India to south and central of Yunnan, China. Only male peacocks can spread their tails naturally. Male peacocks spread their colorful tails, and keep making a variety of beautiful dances to show their beauty to the female peacocks, so as to attract female peacocks.

The peacock spreading its tail is also to protect itself. There are golden and green lines in five colors on the tail of peacocks, among which there are many approximately round "eye-shape spots". In the case of encountering enemy and there is no time to escape, the peacock will suddenly spread its tail and shake it to make "rustle" sound, with the eye-shape spots moving in a mess. The enemy is frightened by this "multi-eye monster", and dare not rashly go forward.