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     Tengchong is home to 25 ethnic minorities, and Lisu people, mainly living in the Houqiao border area, Mingguang, Guyong and Diantan in the north, has the largest population. Most of them live in Nujiang Prefecture, namely Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. On the eighth day of the eighth lunar month of the lunar calendar, the grandest Knife-ladder-climbing Festival is held by Lisu people, during which “Treading on Swords and Flames” is a main custom performance, which is also one of 18 Unusual Phenomena in Yunnan province.

     They also put on local minority song and dance performances in the Minzu Square, and conduct a series of activities such as exhibitions on intangible cultural heritage, allowing tourists from all over the world to participate so as to experience the local national culture by themselves.

     In addition, there are exhibitions and promotional events on specialties such as Tengchong special ethnic handicrafts, ethnic costumes, local specialty fruits, Gaoligong organic tea, Yunnan fungi, Chinese herbal medicines. In the national Square, some local minority and star exhibition boards are made for tourists to take photos.