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     Dock One is the most characteristic pleasure boat dock in the wetland for tourists to experience the scenery of the lake. With a boat shuttling back and forth on the carpet type floating grassland formed 600,000 years ago, you will have a close contact with those drifting grassland. 

     It will take about 20 minutes for you to conduct a pleasant boating trip on the water. As the saying goes, “one must get on board slowly and sit at the boat stably”, so please take you time for boarding, take your seat according to the ticket number, thus the boat can be kept in balance. The water depth of the channel is about 1-2 meters, the average depth of the whole wetland is about 6 meters with the deepest part being about 13 meters, and the thickness of underwater mud is about 16 meters. Therefore, please keep safety in mind when playing in the wetland.

    The water quality of the wetland is a highlight. Most of water areas in China are neutral or alkaline, but the water PH value of Tengchong Beihai Wetland is 6.8, because it is a barrier lake featuring weak acid. Moreover, the water quality meets national second-class drinking water standard since the peat and grass in the wetland have purifying function. The peat reflects under the sunlight, so the water appears black, but the water quality is not affected.

     In front of the Dock One is Nujiang dwarf willow community. The dwarf willow, generally found in high mountains above 3,400 meters above sea level, is the only tree that can grow in Tengchong Beihai Wetland. It is rare that such plant can develop naturally and evergreen in this wetland at an altitude of 1,731 meters. Through a forest of rose willow, you will come across a lotus pond, and zones of wild Zizania latifolia, brasenia schreberi (national first-class protected plant), water lily, Ottelia acuminata, watermifoil, hornwort and iris. You can also view hordes of wild ducks, sly white geese, modest shelduck, fish and shrimps swimming among floating grass, river snails hiding at the bottom of the lake, and some unknown birds. You can also have a close contact with the floating grassland by a boat and enjoy picturesque views as well.