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     Tengchong Beihai Wetland Eco-tourism Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baoneng Group, with the registered capital of RMB four hundred and sixty million only. It is located in Beihai Town, Tengchong City, Yunnan Province, with charming natural scenery and long history. It is about 12.5 KM away from Tengchong City, about 30 minutes’ drive from Tengchong Airport, 120 minutes’ drive from Baoshan Airport and 100 minutes’ drive from Mangshi Airport. It is about 650 km from Kunming City, with about 8 hours’ drive.

     Tengchong has a unique tropical monsoon climate of the Indian Ocean, integrating the advantages of continental and marine climates, with an annual average temperature of 20 , maximum temperature of 28 , minimum temperature of 0 , high negative oxygen ion content in air, PM2.0 of less than 10, thus it is known as “one of the most suitable places for human habitation”. As a bridgehead city facing South Asia and Southeast Asia, the status of Tengchong City is rising constantly. With its advantages, such as climate, environment, hot spring, suitable altitude and 567 million tourism population in Yunnan Province, Tengchong City has become the core city of tourism in western Yunnan.

     The Company has always adhered to the policy of“lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and the sustainable development principle; under the premise of protecting wetland, the Company rationally utilizes natural resources, vigorously promotes the integration of ecological health and tourism brand, fully combines the scenic spot 15 square kilometers of valleys, forests, countryside and other beautiful natural landscapes and villages, and integrates deep culture to make every effort to build a world-class mountain wetland health and tourism resort. At present, the Company has launched the creation of the national 4A scenic spot, and strives to be awarded in March next year, and applies for 5A scenic spot in the next three years. To realize the comprehensive promotion of Beihai Wetland - one of Tengchong “four major business cards”, and to present a brand-new Tengchong regional tourism distribution center and tourism circle for the world.

Corporate Mission:

Develop industry and repay society.
Core values
“Three cooperations”: co-fusion, co-creation and sharing.
“Four spirits”: faith, belief, confidence and reputation.
“Five musts”:
Must find the orientation;
Must give full play to collective wisdom;
Must maintain company's benefit;
Must adhere to solidarity and coordination;
Must adhere to reform and innovation.
Enterprise Slogan
Modesty and Self-discipline  Ambition and Generosity
Integrity and Devotion  Courage for Challenge
Diligence and Honesty  Dedication
Performance Excellence and Robust Innovation
Practicability and High Efficiency Constant Improvement

Song of Baoneng
Taking the advantage of the reform,
We come from all over the world,
To the place of our dreams,
Co-fusion, co-creation and sharing.
Sailing the ship of Baoneng,
To the deep blue sea.
Sailing the ship of Baoneng,
To the deep blue sea.
Facing the dawn of the era,
With intense enthusiasm,
We come to the place to start up business,
Dare to think, dare to do and dare to undertake.
Baoneng people work together,
To achieve a brighter future.
Baoneng people work together,
To achieve a brighter future.
Faith, belief, confidence and reputation,
are the spirits of Baoneng.
Steady, harmony, innovation and development,
are the ideas of Baoneng.
Good times of China,
Good youth of China,
our country is prosperous and the world is peaceful.
Good reputation of Baoneng spreads all over the world! All over the world!


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