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Dear tourists:

Welcome to Diancai Tengchong Beihai Wetland Scenic Spot! For your pleasant visit of the scenic spot, please read and follow the instructions below carefully before entering the spot, and all consequences caused by the violation of the instructions shall be borne by the tourist.

I     Instructions for Entering Spot

1、Opening time of scenic spot

8:30 - 19:00 (Tickets selling is closed at 18:30)

2 、Enter the scenic spot with ticket, and do not enter without ticket or without the permission of the staff.

3 、Various tools are provided for water sightseeing and experience projects on viewing platform of scenic spot for more completely visit of the scenic spot.

4、The grass row has complex origin and rich species, and professional instructors may help you for a comprehensive understanding.

5、The lake in the scenic spot is 13 meters in depth, please do not wading.

6、Do not enter the scenic spot after drinking (No items are provided).

7、Minors and senior citizens should be accompanied by families.

8、Please take good care of your belongings after entering the scenic spot to avoid losing or falling into the water, and all consequences shall be borne by the tourist.

9、Please do not litter anywhere, and the beautiful environment needs our common care.

10、It is forbidden to carry knives under control, inflammable, explosive, toxic materials, corrosive and other dangerous goods into the scenic spot.

11、Fishing, swimming, damaging grass row or harming animals and plants are prohibited in the scenic spot.

12、Pets are not allowed to enter the scenic spot.

13、For the sake of safety, disabled persons or persons with limited mobility are not allowed to enter or participate in some areas or items (with signs).

14、The following behaviors are not allowed in the scenic spot without the permission of the Company: selling goods; distributing publicity materials; displaying any flag, banner or logo; other business activities.

II     Instructions for Taking a Cruise Ship

1、Minors and senior citizens should be accompanied by adults when taking a cruise ship.

2、Please wear life jacket and fasten safety belt as required by maritime department.

3、Please get on and off the ship in order after it has stopped, and please do not rush.

4、Please do not reach your hands and feet out of the ship.

5、Please keep your cell phone, camera and other valuables so as not to fall into water. Please deposit them as required.

6、Do not play around or wobble the boat leftward or rightward to avoid danger.

7、In case of an emergency, do not panic. Stay calm and follow the instructions of the crew.

IIIInstructions for Grass Row Experience

1、For security concerns, grass row experience project is not applicable to the child lower than 1.2m and the aged of more than 60 years old. We provide no experience service for these tourists groups.

2、The child higher than 1.2m shall buy ticket at full price; the juvenile shall be accompanied by his guardian to experience.

3、As the experience area of grass row is 1.5m in depth averagely, tourist may fall into water or get wet when experiencing. Please choose entertainment item based on your condition.

4、The tourist who gets drunk, feels dizzy in the water or has cardio-cerebral disease cannot experience the grass row project.

5、Please deposit your valuables (phone, camera and others which are liable to water logging) to prevent loss.

6、Please experience the project under staff’s guidance and instructions, as well as wear life jacket and use lifesaving appliance and corresponding experience devises as regulated.

7、Please do not leave the grass row experience area appointed by staff without permission to prevent from falling into water.

8、In case tourist fails to experience the project as required and has accident, the tourist shall be responsible for incurred consequence or financial loss.

9、In case of emergencies, please do not panic, keep calm and follow the instructions of staffs on the spot.

IV     Instructions for Interactive Tour in Zoo

1、Children shall be escorted and kept at a safe distance during their visit to the zoo.

2、Only the food provided by the scenic spot may be used, do not feed without permission, tease or beat animals.

3、Please do not use flash when taking pictures of animals as it may irritate the eyes of animals.

4、Please follow the instructions of the staff and visit strictly in order.

5、Do not play around in the zoo.

 Please consult the staff for any questions. If you are not satisfied with the service, please call customer service: 0875-5130102. Your supervision and guidance are welcome.

We wish you a pleasant journey in Diancai Tengchong Beihai Wetland

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